July 2, 2010

Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference is Coming to Singapore

Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference is COMING to Singapore from October 26 & 27!

Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference & Organisers

The South East Asia SharePoint Conference is organised by a group of dedicated SharePoint MVPs and Community Leaders from the Asia Pacific Region who participate and support the community through organising and sharing their knowledge at user group events. The SharePoint Conference is intended for a wide audience and has content to cover roles such as:

- Business Roles like End Users, Business Champions, Power Users and Business Managers

- Information Architects, Record and Information Managers

- IT Managers, CIO and Decision Makers

- Technical Roles including Developers, IT Pro, Systems Administration and DBA's

Interested speakers can also submit your topics via the Speaker Registration Survey.

For more information, visit the Southeast Asia SharePoint conference web site - www.sharepointconference.sg